Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hyper advertsier Affiliates can sign up here

Hyper-Advertiser, The Hyper active advertising system that allows you to advertise your Products or services on the Internet for FREE

How much money can affiliates make


The answer to that question is limited only by your imagination.


Yes, as an Hyper-Advertiser Affiliateyour own earning potential is unlimited, by simply being a member of Hyper-advertiser you will have the potential to generate earnings from at least 3 streams of income.

You can generate an income from :-

  1. One Time offer sales.

  2. Upgrades to higher level of memberships from members in your down line.

  3. Residual Income from the Subscriptions of members in your down line

As an hyper-Advertiser affiliate you can also use the hyper-advertiser system yourself to promote your own products or affiliates products.

Once you sign up as an Hyper-advertiser affiliate you automatically become eligible to use the entire system yourself which will enable you to place advertising widgets, exit ads, fly in ads, or google style text ads on to your own web pages or bogs to drive potential clients to your products.

As An hyper Advertiser Affiliate you will have your own unique affiliate web page to send your clients too. Plus the use of our pre written promotional e-mails all ready set up and waiting for you to start earning from immediately after you sign up.

If you have not visited our main Sales Page CLICK HERE to view where you will be sending your potential clients.

The Hyper Advertiser Is a Brand New system, No One Else offers the Wide range of Advertising Options that you will find within our system. The Potential for New Sign Ups is HUGE. Virtually everyone who visits your sales page will sign up !!


Here is a breakdown of the Potential earnings YOU could be be generating as an Hyper-Advertiser Affiliate.

AFFILIATES and Members earn 25%

SILVER AFFILIATES and Members earn 35%

GOLD AFFILIATES and Members earn 40%

These commissions apply on sales of SILVER and GOLD memberships whether they are taken at the initial ONE-TIME-OFFER (OTO) page or later, as a membership upgrade.

The commission is also paid on the the One Time Offer itself

Let’s take a look at some example commission tables

The following scenarios are based on Affiliates introducing the number of free referrals shown in the top row who it is estimated would normally accept our OTO. This model assumes that the current conversion rates will give an estimated number of upgrades made at each level.

For example, if you refer were a FREE MEMBER AFFILIATE referring just 100 people to HYPER-ADVERTISER, who accept our OTO and upgrade to the GOLD level you could earn $242.50, or $388 as a GOLD MEMBER AFFILIATE…

Plus your Residual Monthly Residual Commission income from those upgrades

The above figures are estimates only but as you can see, its well worth promoting your affiliate link which you will find in your members area. There is good money to be made with the Hyper Advertiser Automated Affiliate System.

PLUS Don’t forget that you will also earn from your own adverts that you have placed on your web sites and from the income on your adverts which have been credited for YOUR adverts to appear on other web sites throughout the Network.

So don’t waste a moment, AFFILIATES SIGN UP TODAY HERE then go to your promo tools and your membership pages for some great ideas on how to promote your affiliate URL. Start earning some good money online right now!

*all the above estimated earnings can not be guaranteed.
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